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Why wouldn’t you? The Story of Firsts.

Why wouldn’t you?

This is a question that I have ask myself multiple times in my life.  I’ve always tried to step out of the box and cherish 1st experiences. Here are a list of outdoor things that you really should do at least once!

  1. Hunt an animal that might be hunting you.
  2. Have a candle lit supper under the stars.
  3. Swim in a hot spring.
  4. Start a fire with your bare hands.
  5. Complete a Geocache Series.
  6. Ski in the water and on snow.
  7. Fish all night long.
  8. Repel from a rock face.
  9. Complete a Poker run on your Motorcycle.
  10. Take a kid fishing.
  11. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  12. Learn to shoot a gun.
  13. Grow your own garden.
  14. Parachute from a plane.
  15. Deep sea fishing.
  16. Find a new beach every summer.
  17. Hike to the top of a famous place.
  18. Walk in the footsteps of someone in history.
  19. Explore a cave.
  20. Drive a combine.
  21. Go white water rafting!
  22. Catch all the species of fish in your state.
  23. Visit an observatory.
  24. Drive the highway to the sun!
  25. Take a cruise.
  26. Drive a car or motorcycle over 100 mph (legally) 😉
  27.  See all National Parks in the US.
  28. Watch a pod of killer whales.
  29. Ride in an air boat.
  30. Sit by the ocean and listen to the waves.
  31. See a volcano.

I think there are thousands more. Never a dull moment. Always live to keep life interesting!

Please add a comment with something that you would add to this list.

Life is a blast!!!

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