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I’ve heard of a Cowlick but a Bisonlick?

If you’re from South Dakota you are very used to seeing bison.  Most people would call these beasts of the prairie “buffalo” but that is incorrect, in North America the scientific name is bison.  Today when driving through Custer state park we came across a herd of bison in the road licking the asphalt.  They love the salty roads. Come to find out they love salty cars too.  This is the second time in the past few years I have had a bison lick my car.   To be completely honest with you, it is a little unnerving having a 2000 lb animal licking your vehicle right by your window when all that separates you and him is a piece of glass.   These animals are very calm normally.  When provoked they can be extremely dangerous, so always be cautious when you find yourself in this type of situation so it doesn’t end up like a State Farm commercial.

Enjoy the pictures below and as always “Life is Fun! Get out and live it!!!



Licking the car in front of us..

Bull Bison licking car

Huge bull bison licking my front drivers side tire!!


Bison Lick

This bison takes his time licking the salt off the car in front of us.

Bison licking highway

These bison lick the salt off the highway.

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